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Citizens? - Universe

My works in this collection celebrate my strong belief we find true strength in recognising co-citizenship with non-human elements of the universe, ranging from stardust to microscopic organisms.

Shower of Gold Stardust refers to the fact that our bodies all contain stardust dating back to the origins of the universe, and it continues to be rained down on us.

Meeting Place was inspired by Thornborough Henges, earth henges near Ripon, in Yorkshire. Archaeologists believe they may have been a significant seasonal meeting-place and that they are aligned with Orion.

Common Ground celebrates collaboration between artists, and suggests that we should respect land as a resource shared with other humans and different life-forms. See

Leap refers to leaping, migrating salmon.

The plankton surrounding the swimmers in In and Through (Float) and Phosphorescent Swimming plays a vital role in the maintenance of oxygen supplies on our planet.

The background in Earth and Air is not greyish as shown but a muted creamy white.

My last work in this section is All Together, a painting of the togetherness of earth, air, plants and humans.But accompanying it is a small image indicating the importance in our lives of spaces between, which raise questions and possibilities about where we truly belong.