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Artist Statement

I am an artist and researcher deeply engaged with how human beings are involved with their environment, particularly with the natural world. This is something that I explore through multi-layered imagery. The worlds of prehistory and classical mythology are often key elements, with their vision of humans as fundamentally part of the natural world.

I seek to make artworks that are raw, visceral and atmospheric, but which are also ambiguous, so that viewers have the space to find their own way into them.

I work in a very wide range of media, including oils, gouache, oil pastel, soft pastel, drawings, photos, prints (monoprints, wood and lino cuts, waterless lithography, photo intaglio) installations, constructions and interventions. Found materials and supports are important to me because of my desire to work sustainably, because they feed the thought processes for my work and because they offer opportunities to subvert dominant narratives.

My aim is to maintain a creative dialogue between myths, studied imagery, the everyday world, experimentation and the accidents of making. I try to work in a way that balances pure instinct with painstaking processes of thought, research and making, in order to produce works that surprise me by taking on a strange and illuminating life of their own.

The way my work is laid out on a wall is very important to me (see Installations collection). I also like to get my work into non-art venues.
Artist Statement That tore a hole in my blue sky thinking, 2015
Oil pastel on printout of internet image of flash trading
21cm x 40cm